May 11

Make Your Own Letter Bunting…

How to make bunting with appliqued letters sewn onto it - tutorial. {Hellie's Corner}I recently gave my sewing room and sewing desk a much-needed makeover and as part of the make-over, I decided I’d decorate one of the walls with some bunting. I’ve been meaning to make some for a while, so this gave me the perfect excuse.

Bunting seems to be all the rage at the moment, for parties, weddings and as room decorations, I love the stuff.

It is best made out of light weight material, so that it can flap in a breeze if it hung outside. You can just cut triangles out of fabric and attach them to string or binding, but I wanted to make something more substantial, so I made it double layered and add some lettering to decorate it.

I have a huge pile of old clothes and scraps of material, so I had a root around and found enough light weight cotton material, in three different patterns and a piece of plain contrasting material for the letters (cut from the arm of Sons old school shirt). I also used a length of  2cm wide satin bias binding and some iron-on interfacing to stiffen the letters.

Here is how to make the bunting.

Firstly you need to draw up a pattern for a triangle measuring 18cm across the top, with 16 cm sides (see figure 1). I used some old brown paper.

Paper pattern for bunting - which letters can be appliqued on to. {Hellie's Corner}

Figure 1

Cut out two triangles in each of your three fabrics.

Take the front and back pieces for the first triangle and with right sides facing each other, sew down the two sides of the triangle from point A to B and then to C, as shown in figure 2, leaving a 1cm seam allowance.

Turn the triangle inside out and iron.

Repeat this process for the next two triangles.

sewing directions for making bunting which letters can be appliqued on to. {Hellie's Corner}

Figure 2

I found some great printable letters on www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com. Pick the letters you want to use and print them out. Using tracing or grease-proof paper, trace over the letters and cut around them to make a pattern for each of the letters (see Figure 3).

Letters pattern for homemade bunting {Hellie's Corner}

Figure 3

Pin each letter pattern to the contrasting material and cut out, also use this pattern to cut out each of the letters from of a piece of iron-on interfacing.

Iron the interfacing letter to each of your material letter, be careful to get the interfacing the right way round, so you’re not ironing it to your ironing board!

Place your first letter onto the right-side of one of your triangles (with the right-side of your letter facing upwards, interfaced side facing down).

Sew around the edge of the letter using an overlocking stitch, I used a small zig zag stitch (see figure 4).

Sewing letter S onto fabric bunting {Hellie's Corner}

Figure 4

Sew the remaining letters onto the other two triangles, using the same method.

Measure a piece of bias binding to the length you need, I used 85cm of 2cm wide satin bias binding (you can use plain cotton bias), add about 15-20 cm to the end of the first and last letter for hanging. Cut the bias binding.

Place and pin your triangles (making sure they are in the right order) sandwiching them between the bias binding and sew them in place (see figure 5)

Sewing bias binding onto homemade bunting  {Hellie's Corner}

Figure 5

Trim off any cotton threads and hang :-)

I used some little wooden pegs that came as part of the labels on some T-shirts.

Homemade Letter Bunting with 'sew' appliqued onto it. {Hellie's Corner}
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  1. Lucy Blossom

    A lovely clear tutorial, I keep meaning to make bunting but then I forget again! Yours is a great way to brighten up your craft room.

  2. Sonia

    Oh wow that is brilliant! Of to get everything i need so I can make some for the kids!!

  3. Louisa

    Super cute. I have ironing the interfacing to the ironing board more times than I care to remember!

  4. Philippa @ Letters to Elliot

    Your bunting looks lovely. I’ve made some in the past but didn’t put letters on it, will definitely be making some for my sons rooms now :)

  5. Laura

    Bunting has gotten very popular. I see it on Etsy and Pinterest all the time. I’ve actually been wanting to make my own with burlap to hang in my craft room. Might use your lettering technique when I make mine!

  6. VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood

    This is just so pretty. I cannot sew to save my life, but perhaps I could give this a go.

  7. Rollercoaster Mum

    Very clever. I could probably manage the bunting but not so sure about the letters. I find using the sewing machine a bit of a challenge – I’m not a natural seamstress!

  8. Emily G

    Oh that looks so lovely! I haven’t used a sewing machine since school, but I do feel like I’d love to make my own things, and this seems a lovely thing to make.

  9. Em @ snowingindoors

    What a great tutorial, really easy to follow, you’ve actually inspired me to get crafty!

  10. Vicki Montague

    This looks clever! I have big issues with sewing. I really want to be good at it but am not! Got sewing machine for xmas but managed to do something to it and it wont work properly. I was in the middle of making bunting!!!

  11. agatapokutycka

    I wish I had the skills for it

  12. suzanne3childrenandit

    This bunting does seem to be all the rage at the moment. Great idea for a tutorial, I am sure this will be a hugely popular post. You’re very talented!

  13. anna

    This looks great! Very cute :) Thanks for linking up to tuesday tutorials

  14. Michelle

    This look great. I really need to treat my self to a new sewing machine :) #Pintorials

  15. Eileen Teo

    This is brilliant! I really want to go and buy a sewing machine now!
    Thanks for linking to Tuesday Tutorials #pintorials

  16. Pickle-Lily

    A clear and interesting tutorial – thank-you for sharing. Jo x

  17. Michelle Murray

    Great tutorial. Looks great. popping over from http://www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk

  18. Jo @ 3 Kids and a Gluestick

    Great tutorial, thank you :-) I have recently got my sewing machine out again and am looking for some simple projects to practice with so this looks perfect!

  19. Dana

    OH if only I could sew =-/ this looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing over at Bloggers Brags!

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