Apr 02

Garden Calendar ~ April

Wow, it’s April already, lets hope we have lots of Spring sunshine and not too many April showers.

My March calendar turned out to be very useful and I have done all the jobs listed. Now I just need to get rid of all the cuttings. So one of my first jobs this month, will be to dig the shredder out of its winter hiding place and start shredding.

My calendar for April, isn’t quite as long as the one for March.

April garden calendar - my to do list for April | Hellie's CornerThankfully, a few of my seedlings have started popping through the soil. I’m growing tomatoes, chillies and peppers and they’re all sitting in front of a sunny window, in the house. I’ll moved them out to the greenhouse, when it get’s a bit warmer at night. I have also planted some sunflower seeds and lemon pips, in pots in the greenhouse, as they can take the cooler temperatures.tomato seedling just opening its first leaves | Hellie's CornerAbout a month ago, my dad gave me some hydrangea roots that he’d pulled up, while weeding. I popped them into individual small pots and left them in the greenhouse. They are coming on well, I’ll leave them in there for a bit longer, before planting them out.Hydrangea Cutting - potted on and starting to sprout new growth | Hellie's CornerI have spotted the first honey bee, visiting the garden, as well as more bumblebees and some butterflies (the butterflies didn’t stand still long enough to photograph) all enjoying the cherry blossom.

flying honeybee on cherry blossom | Hellie's Corner

Flying honeybee on cherry blossom | Hellie's Corner

bumblebee on cherry blossom | Hellie's CornerI have moved my patio roses out of the greenhouse and given them some rose-feed, they’re now sprouting lots of new growth and some very pretty roses .

white/pink patio rose flowering | Hellie's CornerPink Patio Rose flowering | Hellie's CornerI have also been busy making myself a handy garden apron, I will post details of how I made it later this week.

I made myself a Garden Apron  | Hellie's Corner

I have now posted details of how to make a Garden Apron, if you would like details click here.



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  1. Nayna Kanabar

    I wish I had green fingers I am useless at gardening.

    1. Hellies Corner

      I’ve just picked it up over the years, trail and error mainly, if it doesn’t grow, it ends up on the compost heap.

  2. suzanne3childrenandit

    I am absolutely loving all of these blossom snaps at the moment and yours are gorgeous. Looks like you’re well on your way to a fab veg patch!

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thanks. I’m hoping we have a good summer and everything grows well.

  3. vicky myers

    Great pictures:) I spent yesterday evening searching the internet for a drawing of vegetable which can self grow/root – could I find it!!! I love growing out own veg:)

    1. Hellies Corner

      I remember spotting a link to this on Pinterest ~ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/299207968965966818/ veg you can grow from kitchen scraps.

  4. Sonia

    I’m not a gardener, I leave it to my other half! Gorgeous photos though x

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thanks. I’d be knee deep in grass and weeds if I left it to Mr HC, though he does help out when my hayfever get too bad!!

      1. Mr HC

        Mr HC would like it to be known, that he does bloody loads around this house, but never gets any credit. Thank you.

  5. Sonya Cisco

    Oh we are so desperate for a garden, here’s hoping we manage to move in time for summer, then I can join you in pottering around growing tomatoes!

    1. Hellies Corner

      Fingers crossed for you, luckily with a garden you can enjoy it right in to the Autumn.

  6. Model Mummy

    I wish i had green fingers too – i wish you were my neighbour so you could teach me lots of useful things. We have a lovely garden and do keep it maintained but i have the help of a gardener as i do not want to ruin anything. I am getting married next June and would love to grow my own wedding flowers but do not know where to start!

    1. Hellies Corner

      I don’t think I’d be brave enough to grow my own wedding flowers, or if I did I’d need a back up plan!!

  7. Merlinda (@pixiedusk)

    I love the flower buds the bees!

    1. Hellies Corner


  8. agatapokutycka

    I am behind on my gardening.
    I had huge plans for the last weekend but … nothing got done.
    Let’s hope this weekend coming will be more productive for me.

    1. Hellies Corner

      It’s so easy to get distracted and before you know it, the day has gone or it’s started raining!!

  9. Kirsty - Hijacked by Twins

    Oh I love your gardening apron! It is great seeing the seedlings come through, at the moment it feels like every time I look a new one is coming through :-) it is lovely to see bumble bees around the flowers. We always seem to attract a lot in our garden and hubby is talking about getting a bee house for them! Lovely pictures x #HDYGG

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thank you. I love the sound of the bees buzzing around at the moment, it’s a reminder that Spring is here, finally.

  10. Iona@redpeffer

    We’ve spotted a couple of honey bees-very exciting! Lovely images and your tomatoes are doing much better than mine at the moment :-)

    1. Hellies Corner

      It’s great to see them out, they must like it a bit warmer than the bumble bee (they’ve got thinner coats!!).

  11. The Reading Residence

    Fabulous honey bee capture, and I do so love roses. Just beautiful x

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thank you.

  12. Claudia

    you are so organized! i love it. lovely pictures of the blossoms. so delicate they are. our tomatoes are about to turn red and i cannot wait!

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thanks. It helps me to not prune the wrong thing. I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes.

  13. Gemma

    Ooh, I like your apron! :) You’ve reminded me that I really need to sow my chilli seeds, don’t know if it might be a bit late now though. Great photos of the bee, it’s been nice to see them buzzing about again.

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thank you. Glad to be of help, you sould still be fine planting them now.

  14. Charmaine

    oh how exciting to see those little shoots! I’ll be planting our tomato and courgette seeds tomorrow, I’m looking forward to them growing so I can plant them out! love those bee photos too, especially the last one! x

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thanks. I’m checking my seed pots daily to see if any more have popped through. Good luck with yours

  15. Kelly

    Amazing bumblebee shot!!

    And cracking apron too – off to check out your apron post :)


    1. Hellies Corner

      Thank you. Instructions for the apron are now posted.

  16. Mammasaurus

    Ooo now I love your apron – I look forward to seeing how you made it.
    Gorgeous photos, so nice to see buzzy bees, our little fuzzy friends! I love how organised you are – What a I really need is you to come and organise me now ;)

    Thanks ever so much for joining in again – such great shots x

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thanks. I have now posted how to make it. I need the list, so I’m not pruning plants at the wrong time and removing flower buds by accident!!

  17. Charly Dove

    Great blossom photos especially good to see our fuzzy friends re-appear! You have such a great to do list as well, shamefully we haven’t had time to start weeding yet! Lovely post :)

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thanks. Yes the weeds, why do they grow so much faster than the rest, I need to sort my patio out before it turns green with them.

  18. Sam @happyhomebird

    Amazing pictures with the bee in them. The roses look so pretty, I love the smell of them so much. Your apron is fantastic, I must have one :) x

    1. Hellies Corner

      Thanks. The garden is a buzz at the moment. I’m very pleased with how my apron turned out.

  19. Kate Davis

    I’m not a gardener but have been helping the children weed and plant seeds. I think once we’ve finished the work on the house I may spend more time outside and a task list would really help me know what to do – great idea. Hope you complete it this month.

  20. Jenny from Cheetahs In My Shoes

    That’s a lot of potting on! We’ve spotted our first rose buds this week – am looking forward to some stunning yellow blooms very soon

  21. Debbie

    Oh wow! Your photos are amazing!
    I love your guide, I’m waiting till the children are a bit older (they still behead anything in the garden which they think mummy would love to hold) but I would love to have some vegetable patches for them to get involved with.

  22. Emma @ Tales of a Greenwood

    I love your organisation! And the pictures of my bee with the blossom is just lovely. Look forward to seeing your progress in the next few weeks

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