Mar 31

Eton Mess

Eton mess has to be, one of the easiest pudding in the world to make.

About two years ago, I discovered that you can buy frozen soft fruit, in most of the major supermarkets. They come in 350g boxes, so any left over from a recipe, I just pop the back into the freezer for another time. You can get different types of frozen soft fruit, I add blueberries to my apple crumble and raspberries or mixed berries are brilliant for Eton Mess. They are available all year round and it works out cheaper than buying fresh berries.

I must confess, to make my Eton Mess I cheat and use shop bought meringues nests.

I make my Eton Mess one of two ways, the first is the healthy way with vanilla yoghurt or the not quite so healthy way, is with whipped cream.

Eaton Mess... really yummy and easy to make. | Hellie's Corner

Serves 4

200-250g soft fruit raspberries/ strawberries or mixed berries

250g vanilla yoghurt (I use Rachel’s Organic) or 200ml whipped cream

8 meringues nests

1 tsp vanilla essence (only needed if you’re using the cream option)

1.  Allow the berries to defrost in a bowl for an hour or two before you want to use them.

2.  If you’re using the whipped cream, whisk it in an electic mixer using a balloon whisk, until it starts to stiffen, it needs to be a fairly firm constancy. Fold in the vanilla essence.

3.  Layout 4 serving bowls, allowing two nest per bowl, break the meringue nests into small pieces into each bowl. Spoon the fruit evenly across the four bowls.

4.  Spoon either the yoghurt or the cream evenly between the bowls and then gently mix the meringue, berries and cream or yoghurt together. You don’t have to be to neat about this hence the name.

Serve and enjoy :-)

Eton Mess... yummy | Hellie's Corner

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  1. Sonia

    Eton Mess is my favourite ever dessert! It has to be with whipped cream and fresh strawberries for me :O) Yum!

  2. Actually Mummy...

    We LOVE Eton Mess – it is GG’s absolute favourite, and I alway have a box of meringues ready to smash up into some yoghurt for them as a treat . Though the cream version is my favourite ;)

  3. Model Mummy

    Ohhh my fiances favorite!
    I went in to London at the weekend and brought a very big meringue. By time i tackled the tube and train it did not make it back in one piece.
    Perfect opportunity for a mess! x

    1. Hellies Corner

      Well, it would be a shame to waste them!! :-)

  4. Julie's Family Kitchen

    It’s a great idea to use yoghurt, I’ll have to try this out. Looks yummy.

    1. Hellies Corner

      I make it using the yoghurt more often than with the cream, all the yummyness and non of the guily.

  5. Kate Davis

    I didn’t know you could get frozen fruit at the supermarket. I thought we would have to go to a farm shop to buy some and that is not very close. I will certainly look out for it next time I’m visiting the supermarket.

    1. Hellies Corner

      I have bought them in both Tesco and Morrisons, I haven’t looked in the others but I’m sure they would sell them as well.

  6. agatapokutycka

    Now you made me hungry!
    Looking good and cooling.

    1. Hellies Corner

      Sorry :-)

  7. suzanne3childrenandit

    I always cheat on this one too – packet meringues and frozen berries – it’s so easy to make yet everyone says how delicious it is!

  8. Emma TheMiniMesAndMe

    I never used to like meringue but I’ve really enjoyed eating it more recently. We made some at Halloween in the shape of ghosts and bones!
    I too like the frozen supermarket berries. Delicious! x

  9. Nayna Kanabar

    This sounds like a great dessert that can be made quickly and then savoured at leisure.

  10. Alison

    ooh I want some, looks lovely

  11. Honest Mum

    Oh wow one of my all time faves, this screams sunshine to me, love this!

    1. Hellies Corner

      Yes, we just need it to come back.

  12. Shell Louise

    My favourite ever dessert. I made a huge bowl of it for our mother’s day treat for my mum, mother in law and me. It was so delicious!

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