Mar 21

What a Difference a Year Makes!!

This morning, I awoke to a lovely sunny (hopefully it stays out) Spring day, birds chirping in the trees and the sheep and lambs grazing the field at the back of the house.

Sheep in a field | Hellie's CornerThis time last year, we woke up to a very different scene; everywhere was covered in a blanket of snow. By 7.45am, news started to filter through that most schools in the North Wales area would be shut for the day. As it was the last day of term, the Easter holidays started a day early!

Heavy March snow on bamboo plant in 2013 | Hellie's Corner - what a difference a year makes!

Heavy Snow on a Silver Birch Tree in March 2013 | Hellie's Corner - what a difference a year makes!The snow carried on all day, making driving difficult from Anglesey right across to the English border. By the end of the day, we had a few feet of snow and it just kept on coming. The problem was made worse by the wind, causing huge drifts, up to six feet high in places.

March snowdrifts in 2013 | Hellie's Corner - what a difference a year makes!

Car cover in a large snow drift, March snow 2013 | Hellie's Corner - what a difference a year makes!

The weather remained below freezing for the following two weeks. With no sign of a thaw, farmers and the local councils had to dig the snow off the roads to make them passable. The task was so great they were forced to concentrate on the main roads, leaving many minor side roads blocked for over a week.

Heay snow drifts in march 2013 north wales - snow piled high around a telephone box | Hellie's Corner - what a difference a year makes!

A country road after they had snow ploughed it, high snow drifts either side | Hellie's Corner - what a difference a year makes!North Wales gets snow regularly, but not usually that late in the year, by then the sheep had already had their lambs or were about to give birth. Farmers across the region had the massive task of finding and digging out hundreds of buried sheep and tiny lambs, many of which, sadly, didn’t survive. This article from the BBC News website, reports the problems they faced.

I was talking to my neighbour, who farms the fields around our village, last week and he was keeping his fingers crossed that we don’t have any late snow this year. Looking at the long-range forecast for this week, apart from a bit of frost over the weekend, we should be fine…hopefully.



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  1. You Baby Me Mummy

    Wow! Now that is a lot of snow! I love snow, but I like this years picture better x

  2. agatapokutycka

    I am so glad that weather is finally getting back to “normal”

  3. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    It is amazing isn’t it? We actually drove up to my partner’s parents house in Scotland where they had 8 foot snowdrifts in their yard, we build snow caves and snowman armies and made so many fantastic memories. We did have sleet yesterday in Manchester though, so not a million miles removed!! :D

  4. Charly Dove

    Oh wow that is a lot of snow! It always makes everything look so beautiful when it first falls. Less so after then when it’s all icy. I didn’t like all the wind and rain this year but wonderful to see Spring days – especially the warm ones!

  5. Ellen

    Gosh, you really wouldn’t expect this weather in March!

  6. Sarah Bailey

    Wow what a difference – I have to admit I’ve been glad not to see the snow again of last year. x

  7. Debbie

    I have to admit to loving snow.
    It’s odd, I still remember it snowing at Easter in Cardiff in 1999 (etched on my brain, it was my finals).
    When we lived in Yorkshire it snowed regularly, and proper snow- like yours.
    Back now, and on the outskirts of Cardiff- and it’s rubbish, it doesn’t settle and I miss it!!

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