Jan 22

Supermarket Price-Matching Makes Me Mad!!

Last Saturday, we decided to head off to our nearest retail park…actually, it’s not really that near, at about 30 miles away. Before we headed off, I remembered a shopping coupon I had and then I remembered how annoyed I had been when I was given the coupon.

On my last visit to the same retail park, after a small shop in Tesco, I had been handed a ‘Tesco Price Promise’ coupon for 93p off my next shop, that value being the difference between the total for my shopping in Tesco vs. had I bought the exact same goods at one, or more, of their competitors..


I don’t shop at Tesco very often and I tend to forget to use these coupons, so I headed back into to the store to buy something to the value of 93p (or likely more, as an exact match would’ve been curiously useful!). However, when I got to the check-out, I was told ‘Sorry Madam, but this coupon is not valid until tomorrow’……I was blazing mad!!!

I also occassionally shop at Sainsbury’s, who run an identical ‘Brand Match’ coupon scheme. However, at this store I can redeem the voucher immediately after receiving it and I make a point of doing so. The last Sainsbury’s voucher that I used was for over £3, just before Christmas.

These coupon annoy me anyway, it doesn’t cheer me up to know that I have a discount on my next shop, instead, it tells me that the store has charged me more than other stores and… ‘Hey! We’re letting you know about it!’

Tesco allows you 28 days to redeem their voucher, starting from the day after purchase. Sainsbury’s voucher is valid for 14 days.

When I looked up other supermarket price-matching systems, I was astounded to discover that, in Asda, you have to check your receipt yourself online and, if your shopping is not 10% cheaper than their competitor’s, then they will issue you with a voucher. At least the other two stores give you a voucher up-front!

Morrisons do not run any price comparison voucher schemes.

Personally, I would be happier if they just lowered their prices to match – wouldn’t we all – but if they are going to run these schemes, then at least let me use the voucher immediately!




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  1. Amanda

    The thing with Asda is at least they want theirs to be cheaper… the others only give a voucher if they overcharge you! But I completely agree with you, it is maddening how expensive they all are. We shop at Lidl and Aldi and get our shop almost half the price as at the major supermarkets (we go to those once or twice a month to stock up on things like wheat-free bread and pasta). In 2010 I could go to Morrisons with £10 and buy food for at least 2 if not 3 days if I planned meals carefully… now I’d be pushed to buy enough for one day for that, it’s ridiculous!

  2. Mum of One

    It does seem a bit daft! We save a lot of money using these vouchers at Asda but it is a faff having to print them all out!

  3. Em @ snowingindoors

    The Tesco thing annoys me too, just lower the prices or stop going on about it already!

  4. Mammasaurus

    It irks me because I don’t want to know how much I saved, I couldn’t care less, I know I could likely go to Aldi and get it way cheaper but Tesco is the only supermarket near to us so they have a monopoly in the area anyway. I see it as a waste of paper, ink and resources – at least ask me if I want it- don’t just hand me reams of receipts for gawd knows what!
    Blimey I didn’t know I had that all pent up within me!

  5. Keri-Anne

    I shop at morrisons so haven’t ever received one of near but it is abit silly!!! They want to overcharge you and then you have the Inconvience of having to wait to use then voucher x

  6. Nayna Kanabar (@citrusspiceuk)

    I always find I walk around with a purse full of coupons when I do finally try and use them they are always out of date or wrong product.

  7. Mummy of Two

    That is a bit silly! We got a voucher from them a while ago for….wait for it… 1p! Yes that’s right one whole penny! It would have cost them more than that in paper and ink!!

  8. Actually Mummy...

    Yes I’m not a fan either. I only occasionally shop in store, so if I get £4 off my next shop, and then choose to shop online, the voucher doesn’t get used – it annoys me that vouchers you get in store can’t be used online. But I guess that’s what they rely on :(

  9. Jen aka The Mad House

    I agree with you on this. I would rather they just knock it off my shopping their and then

  10. mellissa williams

    It does seem a little silly. I guess they think it will attract customers having a price matching offer. Cheaper prices all around would be better for the consumers – basics should be the same everywhere.
    The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

  11. Laura Halls

    I agree knock it off there and then

  12. Jenny

    I never remember to use those things, they just end up at the bottom of my handbag with the fluff.

  13. Hannah Staveley

    Don’t go to Tesco much but asda do better money off stuff , that’s a little silly if you ask me .x

  14. Louisa

    I generally stuff the vouchers in my purse and forget about them, it seems like a lot of effort on the customers part to redeem the voucher. Why don’t they just give you an immediate reduction in your bill?

  15. Healthier Mummy

    Our local store is Sainsburys, so I shop there pretty often. I actually like their price matching scheme. Obviously it would be better if they didn’t over-price you in the first place. But I appreciate their honesty in giving you some money off your next shop, and as you say, you can use it immediately.

  16. Kate Williams

    I used to shop in Sainsburys and was always getting a voucher for a penny or two. Really helpful!!

  17. Charly Dove

    Gosh I never remember to use these – or if I do they’re out of date! Much prefer to get the discount at the time of purchase :)

  18. Kirsty

    Supermarkets are not logical. They don’t issue vouchers to tell you which farmers went out of business that week because they impose ridiculous prices on suppliers that mean farming businesses can’t make money anymore.

  19. The Egyptian Mummy

    The Tesco scheme annoys me too because I always forget to use them or throw them away thinking they are an old receipt. I suppose at least they are passing that discount back to you, but I would prefer for it to be taken off the shop immediately or to last for a couple of months.

  20. Kate Thompson

    I’m with Mammasaurus. I am sick of being handed voucher after targeted voucher at the checkout. Stop wasting ink and lower your prices to match others. As for Asda that’s seriously lazy ..grr

  21. Swazi

    I agree I’d prefer cheaper prices rather than silly bits of money off – i always forget the vouchers anyway.

  22. Shell Louise

    I do all my shopping online so I get the voucher emailed to me and I use it the next time I do my shop. I’d probably forget about them or lose them if I had paper ones!

  23. Kara

    I get annoyed with these coupons as I always forget to use them. I normally shop wherever has any good offers such as a baby event or money off petrol. I used to be loyal to Tesco having worked for them for 16 years but not anymore!

  24. Claire Toplis

    It annoys me when they print off as well saying you have saved on your shop !

  25. Emily @amummytoo

    Ah interesting. I always shop online with ASDA and they promise to be 10% cheaper than all the others. Once you’ve had your shopping delivered, you click a button on your account and if it wasn’t 10% cheaper, they add the difference to your account in e-vouchers, which you can easily tick to use during your next order. Pretty brilliant, I reckon.

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