Last Saturday, we decided to head off to our nearest retail park…actually, it’s not really that near, at about 30 miles away. Before we headed off, I remembered a shopping coupon I had and then I remembered how annoyed I had been when I was given the coupon.

On my last visit to the same retail park, after a small shop in Tesco, I had been handed a ‘Tesco Price Promise’ coupon for 93p off my next shop, that value being the difference between the total for my shopping in Tesco vs. had I bought the exact same goods at one, or more, of their competitors..

Shopping Receipt for price promise! | Hellie's Corner

I don’t shop at Tesco very often and I tend to forget to use these coupons, so I headed back into to the store to buy something to the value of 93p (or likely more, as an exact match would’ve been curiously useful!). However, when I got to the check-out, I was told ‘Sorry Madam, but this coupon is not valid until tomorrow’……I was blazing mad!!!

I also occassionally shop at Sainsbury’s, who run an identical ‘Brand Match’ coupon scheme. However, at this store I can redeem the voucher immediately after receiving it and I make a point of doing so. The last Sainsbury’s voucher that I used was for over £3, just before Christmas.

These coupon annoy me anyway, it doesn’t cheer me up to know that I have a discount on my next shop, instead, it tells me that the store has charged me more than other stores and… ‘Hey! We’re letting you know about it!’

Tesco allows you 28 days to redeem their voucher, starting from the day after purchase. Sainsbury’s voucher is valid for 14 days.

When I looked up other supermarket price-matching systems, I was astounded to discover that, in Asda, you have to check your receipt yourself online and, if your shopping is not 10% cheaper than their competitor’s, then they will issue you with a voucher. At least the other two stores give you a voucher up-front!

Morrisons do not run any price comparison voucher schemes.

Personally, I would be happier if they just lowered their prices to match – wouldn’t we all – but if they are going to run these schemes, then at least let me use the voucher immediately!