Every year I have the same New Years Resolution, to keep exercising daily and to stick to my healthy eating regime. The first part is fairly easy, when you have a lumbering mad collie that needs a walk everyday, it just needs a bit of planing around the weather, as soon as it stops raining, i wrap up and go!! The second part takes will power, saying no to cream cakes and weekend takeaways. Thankfully give or take a pound or two, it’s working.

Dog (Collie) out for a walk | Hellie's Corner

Even on a very breezy day!!


These boots were made for walking!! | Hellie's Corner

Essential walking equipment.

These resolutions always stay in my head, they don’t need writing down, they’re just part of my life, well it’s hard to forget to walk Dog!!

This year, I thought I would add to these resolutions and make a To Do List, a few things I need to make more of an effort to sort out.

Exercise – At least twice a week, go on my running machine or use the Wii fit.

Dog, Cat and My Wi Fit characters! | Hellie's Corner

Sort out a holiday – Last year we stayed at home for a change, which was great, no packing, no traveling, Dog and Cat didn’t need to go to their ‘Hotels’! We were very lucky with the weather, not always guaranteed and we have Snowdonia and the coast on our door step, so finding something to do was easy. In 2014 we plan to go abroad again and so I will don my travel consultancy hat and start researching our next trip.

Get my hair cut – Strange one I know but I must write it  down. I find going to the hairdressers a bind, but as my hair is really bugging me now, I must take the plunge and get it chopped.

Learn how to improve my photography – I love taking photos and generally I’m very pleased with the results, helped by a very good camera. We have over the years, bought a number of photography books and I intend to devote some time to working through them and getting my head around focal length, shutter speed and aperture etc.

Recycling – We’ve had curbside recycling for two months now and I keep spotting plastic bottles and cans in the main bin. Nagging on going training is still needed.

 Recyling Bins | Hellie's Corner

Hopefully, I can start ticking a few things off very soon.