Jul 30

The Alphabet Photography Project… L is for

Leycesteria - Pheasant Berry in flower | Hellie's Corner

L is for… Leycesteria I have a large Leycesteria (also know as a Pheasant Berry) bush growing at the bottom of my garden, my Dad gave it to me as a young sapling about eight years ago and it is now over 5 feet tall and growing well. In July and August it’s covered in …

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Jul 29

How I Keep My Greenhouse Watered While I’m Away…

My Greenhouse set up to be automatically watered using the Hozelock Electronic Watering Computer | Hellie's Corner

Summer usually means it’s time to pack up and go away on a family holiday. After months of planing, a week of packing, Dog and Cat dropped off at their usual kennels and cattery, we are ready to head off for a few weeks. The British Summer is very rarely wall-to-wall sunshine, but it would …

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Jul 27

Silent Sunday ~ 27th July 2014

Pink Patio Rose - Silent Sunday | Hellie's Corner

Jul 25

The Alphabet Photography Project… K is for

K is for kettle - our funny see through kettle with a blue light make making a cuppa quiet fun! | Hellie's Corner

K is for… Kettle Just before Christmas Mr HC and Son were going down to our local town to get some fish and chips. I was about to start making our Christmas pudding but didn’t have any white bread in the house, as we don’t eat white bread. I asked them if they could call …

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Jul 23

July Garden Calendar

Pink Clematis flowering | Hellie's Corner

Having just spent the last two and a half weeks on holiday in Southern Utah, my garden and gardening updates have been a little neglected. I have come home to find a patio full of weeds, goosegrass growing every where (I hate the stuff!) and a lawn that is nearly knee-high with grass. The next …

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Jul 17

The Alphabet Photography Project… J is for

An RAF Jet flying in front of the sun | Hellie's Corner

J is for… Jet If your out and about anywhere inland in North or Mid Wales you’ll probably hear and see a jet flying low over head, they train regularly from RAF Valley on Anglesey and fly over the whole of the area. Most of the time they fly in pairs, crossing in front of …

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Jul 09

The Alphabet Photography Project… I is for

Ilex - Holly bush with flowers on it. | Hellie's Corner

I is for… Ilex Ilex is the Latin name for Holly, a plant that is rooted in folk law and history and as greater part of Christmas, as mince pies and the Christmas tree. I have a large Holly bush that is now well established growing in my garden. Last Winter it had berries on …

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Jul 02

The Alphabet Photography Project… H is for

Pink Summer Flowering Heather | Hellie's Corner

H is for Heather I have always grown a number of heathers in my garden and with a variety of types, I more or less have some flowering all year round. Heathers prefer acid soil and a sunny position. Once it has settled into it’s chosen spot it just gets on with it, apart from a …

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Jul 01

Keeping on Top of my Fruit and Vegetable Corner!

Courgette plant in flower | Hellie's Corner

June and July are a busy time of the year for my fruit and vegetable garden, I am in and out a number of times during the day, opening my greenhouse door, watering and pruning, with breaks in between to recover from the exposure to pollen and a quick sneezing fit!! So here’s how my …

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Jun 29

Silent Sunday ~ 29th June 2014

Oriental Poppy | Hellie's Corner

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