Jul 17

The Alphabet Photography Project… J is for

An RAF Jet flying in front of the sun | Hellie's Corner

J is for… Jet If your out and about anywhere inland in North or Mid Wales you’ll probably hear and see a jet flying low over head, they train regularly from RAF Valley on Anglesey and fly over the whole of the area. Most of the time they fly in pairs, crossing in front of …

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Jul 09

The Alphabet Photography Project… I is for

Ilex - Holly bush with flowers on it. | Hellie's Corner

I is for… Ilex Ilex is the Latin name for Holly, a plant that is rooted in folk law and history and as greater part of Christmas, as mince pies and the Christmas tree. I have a large Holly bush that is now well established growing in my garden. Last Winter it had berries on …

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Jul 02

The Alphabet Photography Project… H is for

Pink Summer Flowering Heather | Hellie's Corner

H is for Heather I have always grown a number of heathers in my garden and with a variety of types, I more or less have some flowering all year round. Heathers prefer acid soil and a sunny position. Once it has settled into it’s chosen spot it just gets on with it, apart from a …

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Jul 01

Keeping on Top of my Fruit and Vegetable Corner!

Courgette plant in flower | Hellie's Corner

June and July are a busy time of the year for my fruit and vegetable garden, I am in and out a number of times during the day, opening my greenhouse door, watering and pruning, with breaks in between to recover from the exposure to pollen and a quick sneezing fit!! So here’s how my …

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Jun 29

Silent Sunday ~ 29th June 2014

Oriental Poppy | Hellie's Corner

Jun 25

The Alphabet Photography Project… G is for

Gooseberry bush with plenty of gooseberries growing on it | Hellie's Corner #alphabetphoto

G is for Gooseberries… I have two gooseberry bushes growing next to each other in my garden, one is in its third year and the other is about seven years old. For the past few Summers we have had a great harvest from these plants and this year is looking good, so far… I never …

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Jun 23

It’s Coffee Time in my Garden!

Allium flowering

Going into the garden is a bit of a hazard for me at the moment, I only have to be out for a few minutes and my nose starts to twitch and I need to resist the urge to rub my eyes. I have been forced to garden in short burst, pulling out a few …

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Jun 22

Silent Sunday ~ 22nd June 2014

Swallow just landed on my washing line - from Hellie's Corner

Jun 20

A Trip Down Memory Lane!

My Italy - Florence and Pisa Pinterest Board | Hellie's Corner

I came recently across a great Pinterest Competition hosted by Love Chic Living. I love Pinterest and jumped at the chance to get Pinning. The task is to pick one of the many destinations from Cunard Mediterranean destinations and then to create a pin board with images to remind you of the place you have …

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Jun 19

A Close Encounter!

Dragonfly - female broad-bodied chaser

I was out walking over the weekend, when I spotted an unusual insect sitting on a Cow Parsley stalk at the side of the path. Luckily I had my camera with me, so I switched it on, checked the settings and then crept in closer, trying to move as quietly as possible. I had to position …

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